Saturday, February 14, 2009

Resumés for the Tech-savvy

Wow, hard to believe it's been an entire month since I last blogged. Lazy or what!

I just recently discovered an article discussing the benefits of using a certain style for your resumé to target the tech-world. After reading the article and looking over several examples, I must say, there is definite potential in the format. Putting my own twist on things before heading out around E-town to test the waters with it.

Had an idea last night regarding the e-Sports world and professional gamers. I am going to look into writing a basic business proposal about organized tournament play centered around Starcraft 2. I have extensive knowledge of how the leagues and sponsored tournaments work in South Korea (the Starcraft capital of the gaming world) and want to explore the possibilities of taking that knowledge and creating smart, focused and organized tournament/league play in Canada; starting with-in Edmonton of course.

problem is finding folks who understand business plans and start-up knowledge to help focus and guide me in my endeavour.

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