Saturday, December 27, 2008

Samsung SH-S223Q LightScribe™ DVD-RW

Funny how you can go so long without needing something, then all of the sudden, you need it. Well, that is the case for me in regards to a CD/DVD burner for my computer. I have a ton of music that needs to be converted to CD Audio (.cda) so the need has arisen for a CD/DVD burner.

After some pretty exhaustive research (I'm OCD when it comes to computer hardware and peripherals), I have settled on the Samsung SH-S223Q 22-speed DVD Writer with LightScribe™ 2.0. Strange thing is, the media is more expensive than the drive. $29.99 for the drive, $31.99 for 30 Verbatim 700MB LightScribe 2.0 CD's.

My kit consists of two Ion CDJ's that only play standard CD's, so I need to convert my new tracks to CD-Audio (.cda) and burn them up so I can start spinning them. Almost 5 hours of new tracks (see previous post) arrived and I've been listening to them non-stop on shuffle, getting a feel for how certain tracks will work together.

Should be getting the drive on Tuesday'ish.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

Well it's another year and another Christmas. Low-and-behold I don't get to spend it at home with my friends and family. I either have the money and cannot get the time off of work or I have the time off work and cannot get the money to fly home.

Best wishes to everyone this holiday season, hopefully many of you got what you wanted for Christmas. Since my crate of music already arrived, I'm good for this Christmas. Many, many hours of spinning in my future. Between that and learning Japanese, I should be busy for a good while.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

40 New Tracks!

My first crate of Electro, Tech and Progressive House music has arrived!
  1. (0dsounds) Chop It [Original Mix]
  2. (Andy Duguid feat. Leah) Don't Belong [Original Mix]
  3. (Andy Duguid feat. Leah) Wasted [Original Mix]
  4. (Anton Pieete) Players [Original Mix]
  5. (Bingo Players) Chop [Original Mix]
  6. (Blue Foundation) Sweep [Jim Rivers Dub]
  7. (Boys Noize) Oh! [A-Trak Remix]
  8. (Burufunk & Carbon Community) Community Funk [Deadmau5 Remix]
  9. (Celeda & Danny Tenaglia) Music Is The Answer [Gabriel Vezzola Mix]
  10. (D.O.N.S. feat. Terry B.) You Used To Hold Me [TV Rock Remix]
  11. (DJ Antoine) Underneath [Matthias Menck Remix]
  12. (DJ Dan) Needle Damage [Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Dub]
  13. (DJ Dan) Put The Record Back On [Gutter Brothers Remix]
  14. (DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta) Hypnotik [RnS Hypno Mix]
  15. (DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta) Kaotik [RnS Kaos Mix]
  16. (Donald Glaude) BIG 9 [Original Mix]
  17. (Ee-Sma) Speak [Original Mix]
  18. (Fedde Le Grand) Put Your Hands Up For Detroit [Club Mix]
  19. (Felguk) Do You Like Bass 2009 [Original Mix]
  20. (Freemasons) If feat. Hazel Fernandes [Freemasons' 2008 ReRub]
  21. (Hideo Kobayashi & Jerome Sydenham) GSXR 810 [Original Mix]
  22. (King Unique) Yohkoh [Original Mix]
  23. (Micha Moor) Slip And Slide [Original Mix]
  24. (New Kid on the Block) Free Your Mind [Chriss Ortega Remix]
  25. (Paul Gardner feat. Peyton) You Can't Hide From Yourself [Kid Massive Vocal Mix]
  26. (Pimpztress Rah) Saddle Up [LJ MTX Instrumental]
  27. (Pryda) Rakfunk [Original Mix]
  28. (Roody Van Hype feat. Melanie Hodel) Listen To Me [Stereoliner Remix]
  29. (Sabor feat. Jaqueline) CoraƧao [Jerry Ropero & Denis The Menace Remix]
  30. (Savior feat. I-Fan) Savior [John Dahlback Remix]
  31. (Sharooz) Get Off [Miles Dyson Remix]
  32. (Soundpusher) Milk & Honey [Original Mix]
  33. (Steve Smooth & JJ Flores feat. Collette) Stay [John Dahlback Mix]
  34. (Tall Paul) Peep Show [Saeed Younan Remix]
  35. (The Egg) Walking Away [Tocadisco Remix]
  36. (Wolfgang Gartner) Clap [Original Mix]
  37. (Wolfgang Gartner) Montezuma [Original Mix]
  38. (Wutam & J-Break) Don't You [Original Mix]
  39. (Yoshimoto & Nicola Fasano) Been A Long Time [Nicola Fasano Mix]
  40. (Young Rebels & Francesco Diaz) Human Animal [John Dahlback Remix]

And so it begins...

It seems that when you start getting involved in any online community, whether it is a sports betting pool, gaming league, music sharing scene or a language study group, you seem to be sucked into all sorts of web-related activities.

It seems that I have been foolishly drawn into the gravity-well of youtube, blogging, twittering and facebooking...

I'm whistfully hoping that my interest in DJ'ing and the Japanese language will keep me occupied enough to not spend copious hours each day writing drab and unintersting articles for those who stumble upon this 'haven' of mindlessness. If not, I will have to fully embrace it and see where it leads.